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> Hi xavidp, I have tried using ))TikiSheets(( but could not get it to display the table in the page. It only display a link "Edit Sheets". Any idea how to display the full table in the page??

See plugin SHEET. For instance:

{SHEET(id=>4)}Sheet Heading{SHEET}


Error loading spreadsheet

> I can't seems to to be able to select two cells to try out the merge function?? Is there a special trick to select multiple cells in ))TikiSheets((rolleyes

"Merge" feature is working here at tw.o (1.9.cvs). I haven't tried with 1.9.0 (if it doesn't work, it might be a previous bug already solved in 1.9. cvs.
First you have to select both cells you want to merge (I've done it by holding SHIT key, and cliking on both neighbour cells)


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