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Re: Password for viewing?

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Welcome, Wish! smile

> Does anyone know how to set up a tikiwiki to require a password(s) to even view it?

Admin > General > General Settings > Disallow access to the site (except for those with permission): V

> Or, perhaps better, to allow a password to view a certain section of it?

Use category permissions (tiki 1.9.x)

> I'm a tikiwiki newbie, and would appreciate the quick help.
> I've set up a tikiwiki for teachers in my school district to use, and don't want to let them down.
Welcome again to the bunch of educators using Tiki for edu! :-)

Please, as soon as http://edu.tikiwiki.org is up again (unluckily it seems to be down since soon ago), register also there and drop some lines about your case of study, interest, etc.

Cheers, wink