Re: "Users can Shade Modules"???

> And what exactly should be done there? I have "Modules decides" for "Users can Shade Modules". With this option, except for "Admins" and "Editors" — anonymous and registered users cannot rearrange the assigned modules.
"Users can shade" will creates a buttom to fold all the menu options to save space. You can see that on this site (click on the rectangle on the menu title bar. The menu will be reduced to their minimum - no more section, option displayed - only the title

Perhaps you can use the phplayers menu. It offers horizontal/vertical menus ..
To use them, activate the feature phplayers in admin->features.
Then create a user module (admin->modules) that uses the menu you created in admin->menu and the phplayers function.
With some tricks, you can also use the phplayer menu with a menu file and not the tikiwiki database menu.
Good luck

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