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tikiwiki.org search is not working

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I have attempted you use your site search engine.

It is returning the following error.

Can't open file: 'tiki_searchindex.MYI' (errno: 145)

Sorry for laughing at you, but i am glad to know I am not the only having site errors...... ;)

Peace Scott

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To "eat its own dog food," tikiwiki.org runs the version currently being developed — 1.9.3 CVS now — which is actually a pretty risky thing to do when you think about it and maybe says something about the quality of the software and the developers. But this means there will inevitably be errors, etc., from time to time. Of course these things should be ironed out by the time the version is released. wink

-- Gary

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> Can't open file: 'tiki_searchindex.MYI' (errno: 145)

These kind of errors is a mysql error. It has nothing to do with tikiwiki.
You only nedd to "repair the table" to fix it.
It is why serious developpment must be done in postgres and not mysql.