Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

How to install Tiki with DB2?

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Currently, on Tiki Install page, I could not select DB2 to install Tiki,
How to install Tiki with DB2?
yhf800215 at tom.com

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Yes there is no database creation script for that
You can try to copy db/tiki-1.9-mysql.sql db/tiki-1.9-db2.sql
(or choose the db/tiki-1.9-xxxx.sql that has the closest syntax to db2)
I think it is the only thing to do to have the database appears in the install page.
After I suppose, you will have to fix some syntax in this script. Sorry I never used DB2.
Good luck
If you want to join the team to take care of DB2, you are must than welcome.
These scripts are created by a shell db/convertscripts/convertsql.sh from a generic file

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