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Newsletter subscription limits?

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Hi. I have approximately 166 email subscribers to a newsletter. When I send the newsletter I wind up with a blank page after some time. I have the following php.ini parameters set:
memory_limit = 32M;
max_execution_time = 180;
max_input_time = 240;

I'm using SiteGround for my hosting site and I can see the time parameters are set when I do a php info. Don't know if the memory limit is getting picked up or not. Anyone know where to look?

I'm not sure if everyone I'm sending the newsletter out to is actually getting it. Tonight, for example, I did not receive it, which is strange as I have been receiving it every time. Any suggestions? Do I need to increase the timeout values even more perhaps?


posts: 1584 Canada

I routinely send newsletters of 400 without a problem.

M ;-)

posts: 113 Ireland

Many ISPs limit the number of emails sent over a short period of time as a spam-prevention tool. One ISP I use allows 300 when I send newsletters. Another allows 600. You might want to check if your ISP changed its limits recently

On 1.9.2 when you send a newsletter, you could get a blank page when it completes. This has been fixed in later versions (not sure which version) to give you the correct page. The newsletters were sent in this case. I am not sure under what conditions you would get a blank page, but I noticed it. I updated and this was fixed.

posts: 103 Wales
it would be good to be able to throttle the emails sent

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