Galaxia Workflow Engine

Galaxia Workflow Engine

JavaScript in Galaxia based work flow


Hi all...
Any body can tell me that how to use JavaScript in my Galaxia module (basically a work flow). I want to use JavaScript for AJAX and simple form level validations/operations.


Hi farfarid,
from my point of view it is not possible to use Javascript (e.g. ajax) in the galaxia workflow engine if you are entering the code in the galaxia frontend. Concerning security reasons this is not allowed (for the Wiki in the tikiwiki - there is a plugin avalaible to use javascipt) - the code is stripped (e.g. inhibited_click => inhibited_click).

So we have to solve this problem in another way...
If you create a process, activities and code you are able to access this code via your webserver in the templates folder (the name of the process is the name of the folder).

There is your template you have created via the galaxia frontend ... so you can add the javascript code (e.g. Ajax).

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