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Re: Blog issues

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> OK. I have been going a little crazy about blogs. cry

Sorry about that. Let's make it better.

> Even though I have disallowed others to post to my blog, Tiki still lets them do it.

Ok, I saw the other forum post. Do you think you could try to duplicate with Tiki 1.9.8?

Please get 1.9.8 here and log a bug if it's still broken:

If the problem is still there, I will do my best to fix before 1.9.8 is released.

> When I try to delete a blog post as admin, I get error messages:

Ok. This is caused I think because of the use of en-uk. Try changing to en. This was fixed for 1.9.8

> So, now I have a load of test posts that I cant delete, and my original blog is created by 'admin' instead of my user account, because I edited it, and now I cant do anything about that either.

not good.

> And, while I am here, where can I change the blog post title colour?

I don't know off hand. Let's fix the other stuff and get back to that later.

> Thanks in advance.

Thanks you!

M ;-)

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