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Architecture / Installation

Blank pages after Site Identity change

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I edited the custom markup box on the Admin/General/Site Identity page. Now, every page accessed when logged in as admin returns only the top of the page. Viewing the page's source, the page only loads to div id="sitehead" then nothing.

The result is that, when logged in as either of our two admin accounts, there are no visible pages.

However, when logged in as a registered user or when not logged in at all, all pages to which those authorities have permissions show up.

I may have exceeded the 250-character limit for the custom code field, but I don't think so. Perhaps it's just bad HTML.

In any case, I can't admin the site and that's bad.

Is the custom code in a file I can delete? Or is it stored in the database?

I'm hoping for code in a file because the guy with the Keys to the Kingdom is on vacation and I'd rather fix this without having to dig around too deeply.neutral



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Hi Bill!

Sorry about this. We are fixing in 1.9.8 so this is no longer a problem.

Do you have access to phpMyAdmin? If so, please find the "table tiki_preferences" and edit the value of "sitemycode"

Best regards,

M ;-)

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> Do you have access to phpMyAdmin?

Access, yes. Login, no. Deep sigh. I knew that the answer was in knocking the database upside the head, but, hope springs eternal!

Thanks for your quick reply, Marc.


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