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Features / Usability

Table of contents tag {toc}

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TW documentation states that tag {toc} possible parameters are: order, showdesc, shownum, type, structId and maxdepth.
I need to limit maximum depth of tree to be created, so I've tried to use the following code:

{toc maxdepth=1}

to get only 1 one level depth, but it doesn't work.

Could someone tell me since which TW release is maxdepth parameter available?
Nowadays we're working on TikiWiki 1.9.5 to power our Intranet CMS.

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I'm not sure about toc, but for maketoc those parameters are new for Tiki 1.10 (see an example at http://zukakakina.com/maketoctest). I imagine the situation might be the same for toc, but don't really know as I haven't tested it or checked the files.

-- Gary