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Unusual filename extensions

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I quite surprised to see that TikiWiki makes use of non-standard filename extensions: nocache or ijs.

A very bad consequence is that some hosts don't allow these kinds of files, therefore, some TW functionnalities are disabled for these hosts sites.

For instance, I can't use the PhpLayersMenu, because some files have this ijs forbidden extension. I've wrote thousands of Javascript files (yes, quite true), I never used such a strange extension. A Javascript file MUST have a js extension. If you want to distinguish it from common js files, use some conventional prefix or suffix of the filename, but not the extension: it's a very evident coding principle.

Therefore, please fix that big problem, which is a pure TikiWiki one, not the hosts one: they have to fight against many problems and I think that restricting the allowed files according to their extension is a good practice.

Apart this claim of a new user of TW, I'm quite satisfied with this great software. Congratulations to all contributors. Maybe I'll be one of yours soon.wink

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Hi eloquor,

I hope you become a contributor.

The .ijs files you mention are provided by PhpLayersMenu, a 3rd party library included in TikiWiki. Unless we want to end up with our own branch/fork of PLM, they should change it and we include that. There has not been any PLM releases in while though...

What are the visible bugs caused by this? Some people report bugs and others say "works for me". Maybe this would permit to understand and solve certain bugs.

Best regards,

M ;-)

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Hi Marc,

Well, I knew for a long time PhpLayersMenu, but never noticed they produced non-standard file mrgreen

Hence, I should blame them not TikiWiki team, and I prefer. Actually, PhpLayersMenu project is not evolving for a long time now, which is not a good thing, as CSS and browsers do have evolved. I think there should be a better alternative for those menus. But I'm not anymore so much concerned with Web development now...

What troubles? My free web host restricts the kind of files allowed on their servers! And ijs filename extension is not included in the list, that's easily understandable because ijs files are a fancy of PhpLayersMenu developers. The bad thing is that I can't have such files on the server and, some of PhpLayersMenu files being missing, I get files not found errors. So, no PhpLayersMenu functionality for me.

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In 1.10, there is a SuckerFish alternative.

M ;-)

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