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Is there a mass editor/bot available or equivalent?

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I'm an editor on a wiki for a story universe. We have 300+ character pages that need to follow a particular template, ditto for story synopsis pages, etc. The problem is that whenever we change the template for whatever reason, it becomes EXTREMELY tedious to manually edit every single page. And we only have maybe 5 active editors who are juggling their free time.

So I was wondering if there was some sort of mass page editor available for TikiWiki. Or even better, some way to separate the "content" of the page from the "presentation template", so if I update the template, each page would automatically be updated.

I've actually been working on such a tool for personal use (coded in JavaScript, only works in Firefox 3.0+), but since TikiWiki lacks an external API (ala MediaWiki), it's extremely inefficient (slow as hell and insane memory usage) and prone to breakage from theme changes and upgrades.

Maybe this is what trackers are for (but I heard they were slow)? Or maybe TikiWiki just wasn't designed for this. Any suggestions?

posts: 13
Page selector doesn't seem to be available in 2.4. I'll give it a try when 3.0 comes out (which BTW, looking at number of issues still being worked on at Release30process, looks more beta than release candidate stage).

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