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So I've been putting around in dev.tw.o, and it has not been a good experience. Bug searching sucks - I can't filter on fields like "author" or "time last commented on". I haven't found a way to display more than the 5 last bug comments. The menus around the site are arranged haphazardly and some or even completely redundant, e.g. there are two "last changed wiki pages" modules. I couldn't even find links to tikiwiki.org or info.tw.o or doc.tw.o. I'm not even sure if bug reports are read often since there aren't many comments at all. Information is just scattered everywhere and it's tedious trying to find the right thing (it could be on a bug, a bug comment, some wiki page, or in IRC logs, or whatever).

Maybe I'm being unfair, but this is a totally different experience (in a negative way) than reporting/contributing to Mozilla.

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Point taken. Let's improve this.

We have some new features in 3.0 which offer new possibilities but may not be setup yet.

The left menu is already a wiki page, so please go ahead, wiki way!

For the rest, can you start a page with a section for each point?

1- problem or question
2- proposed solution (if any)


M ;-)

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