LDAP / Active directory

LDAP / Active directory

Tiki and OpenLDAP, Cant register new users , or change existing passwords

Hi there, just started using tikiwiki v3 and have now linked it up with openLDAP.

I have it setup and binding, I created some users directly in LDAP and these users log in fine with their preset passwords.

But i cannot change their passwords (i had to create a php page to manually change them). It thinks it changes but it doesnt update LDAP

Also With the register page it goes through the procces of the registeration and sends the validation email but when you click the link it says "you must be logged in" and looking at ldap the user was never created in LDAP

Any idea of any other info you want me to show i'll see what i can do

The features - change ldap password from tikiwiki - and create user in ldap from tikiwiki - have never been written - I think because of security reason - usually ldap structure is a more complex process than giving a user name and password.

Thanks for that (thought they may have been the case, but I as hoping I missed something)
Do we think that in a future release we could look at an option that disables the Register page and change password section (when LDAP auth is selected) so that this won't cause anyone confusion.

Well off to try and design a register page now biggrin

Thanks again for the quick response