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Looking for live support

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Hi all,
I have a TikiWiki site that has been active for about 18 months and the client now wants to expand it. Since I am mainly a WordPress developer, this is my only TikiWiki site and I'm still unsure about a few things.

I'm looking for someone who could walk me through the basics, let me know if the way I'm doing things is correct, and suggest better ways of doing things.

I'd prefer it to be a webex where I can share my desktop and would prefer to talk on the phone or skype as well.

Hopefully I'd only need one hour. Best would be a weeknight 6pm - 11pm eastern or anytime on a weekend.

Please post here, PM, or email me with your experience and rate. My email is my forum name @gmail.

My current site is 3.1 but I am going to upgrade to 3.3 this week. I'm interested in upgrading to 4.1 as well.


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I suggest you come on irc.tikiwiki.org as well :-)

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Thanks Marc, I will. Is that the preferred method of support here? One of the reasons why I didn't do too much work in TW is because of the high number of posts that seemed to go unanswered - including my own.
I didn't want to get too involved in TW if it wasn't as supported as WP or some of the other CMSes I use. It looks like involvement and support in TW has improved though.

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