LDAP / Active directory

LDAP / Active directory

Ldap/AD authentication - is it possible to allow anonymous logon


I would like a user account to be able to be used for a particular forum, and have this user be anonymous.

I created a tiki account, but with tiki and pear/auth for authentication the user cannot logon. I've also been unable to logon as anonymous.

for pear/auth authentication, I have checked the box next to 'use tiki authentication for administrator'. Is there any way at all to do this for a regular tiki account?

I'd like to keep the specific user account out of AD, if possible.

Hopefully I'm being a bit clearer than mud with my request for help.



Yes it is possible to have some users in tiki and some in ldap
The option is in admin->login->ldap:
Use Tiki authentication for users created in tiki
And better to keep
Use Tiki authentication for Admin login
Perhaps you will not be able to create a user with the name anonymous - it is a reserved name.. but you will need to know the password of this user to log-in

YOu also possibility to post in forum really as anonymous - no login from LDAP and tiki . Posters will leave a name - whatever. If necessary, use moderation feature to have an admin filter anonymous posts.