LDAP / Active directory

LDAP / Active directory

Group authentification


My ldap connection works great.
However all the users of the AD can acces to the wiki.
I want that only the members of the group X( active directory)
log in the wiki.

where can i put this filter ?

I'm using tikiwiki 4.2


So far I know - no - But you can always tune the permission so that only users of the group can see things

If you can modify the code
in lib/userslib.php
after $this->validate_user_ldap(
add somethinbg like that
$userGroups = $tikilib->get_user_groups($user);
and check if your group is in userGroups

Good luck

however the function get_user_groups returns the tiki groups . I need in this case the Active directory groups of the user.

Do you know what is the function?

AD groups can be made to sync into tiki-groups, see LDAP config for groups.

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