won't let me reply

am trying to reply to a different thread but get an error every time.
Notice: this variable may not be empty: $_POST%22thread_sort_mode%22"

am posting my reply here til I can figure out the problem.

Thanks Gary.

I'll have a play with the theme css, and note your advice about a new sheet.

As for page name display, you've described the thing I am trying to avoid. I do not want to rename any page. I want the display to change.

There are some nomenclature difficulties here, so I'll try to explain it in a new way.

When I create a page, it gets a name, which is also its address. The address might be (url)/HomePage.

The page also gets a title. The title might be Home Page, but could be ''this is my wiki'.

When I visit the page, there's a big heading near the top that says HomePage. That means it's displaying the address rather than the title.

I want it to display the title. I don't want to rename the page, as that would change the address.

Try to play with these 2 settings in admin->wiki
Display page name as page title
Display page name above page


Well, in a wiki, the page name is the address, or the final part of it anyway. Therefore, Tiki by default uses the same word or words that you name the page with as both the address component in the URL and as the page title in the wikitext area under the menu.

If you want to have some other text used as the page title, there is no automatic way to configure Tiki to not use the same word or words in both places. One workaround is turn off "display page title" in the Wiki Admin page, and either use the "description" field as your displayed page title (you might have to redefine the CSS for this, as normally page description doesn't display too prominently, only normal size font in italic style or something), or make an h1 heading manually as part of each page's content, which displays a page name different from that in the URL.

Does this address the issue, from your perspective?

By the way, I don't know what causes that error in the forums here. It seems some users get that pretty often and others (like me) not at all. It's strange.

-- Gary

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