LDAP / Active directory

LDAP / Active directory

Error with smarty permissions and LDAP Group including "," (



I hope this is the corrent forum to use.

We are using Tiki 5.1 with LDAP Authentication. LDAP works fine so far. Permissions inside Tiki should be realized using LDAP (AD) Groups, adding/removing Users to AD Group to grant or revoke permissions in Tiki.
Synchronisation between AD -> Tiki works too... but
we have AD Groups with "," in its group name.
In /lib/smarty_tiki/function.treetable.php > function smarty_function_treetable() the $_checkbox and $_checkboxColumnInxed use preg_split() with "," as split character. This results in the error message: {treetable}: Number of items in _checkboxColumnIndex doesn not match items in _checkbox.
e.g. $_checkbox

    [0] => perm[Anonymous]
    [1] => perm[Registered]
    [2] => perm[BCIWEB_AG]
    [3] => perm[RBG
    [4] =>   Web Aministation & Entwicklung Team]
    [0] => Anonymous_hasPerm
    [1] => Registered_hasPerm
    [2] => BCIWEB_AG_hasPerm
    [3] => RBG,  Web Aministation & Entwicklung Team_hasPerm

Quickest (and dirtiest) way to fix it should be removing "," from AD Groupnames.
Other possibilities could be:

  • Changing Name in Database once, hoping it does not get re-synchonised with AD
  • Using a character for "encoding" parameters which can't be used in AD Names

Any other quick fix I forgot?


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