Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Problems with db and version checking.

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New to tiki but not new to PHP and MySql.

Using tiki-5.3.zip.

I have/had several problems with installing tiki on my host at awardspace.
First of all I get constantly Server 500 errors when running the install script and it all occurs when it's creating the db.

All files and folders have 755.

But I got it to work by doing it manually.
Added ./db/tiki.sql and ./db/tiki-secdb_5.3_mysql.sql without any problems.

But when I enter the admin area tiki tells me to upgrade the db using the install script. Did that but now I get ~250 errors where the majority of them saying it's a duplicate key or the key already exists.
Tried the reinstall option but then I get the Server 500 error again.

This happens even if I drop the whole db and start over.


Another thing that is happening is the file version check witch complains on 97 files located under ./lib. The errors are This is a modified File. Cannot check version. Check if it is dangerous.

The files are, for example:

I just uploaded the lib folder from your zip-file and did the check again and still the same errors.


One small thing to.. changing the width setting, under #fixedwidth, in ./style/layout/fixed_width.css to 100%, or 1500px doesn't do anything.

So... anyone have any idea on what the problems might be?

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I have the correct permissions on all files and folders.
It might have to do something with my hosts special settings for permissions, like giving a file/folder to much permissions.

But I did a manual install which worked, so why do I still get the advice to upgrade the database?

What about the faulty versions files under the ./lib folder?

Changing the check-box regarding fixwidth didn't help.

I feel that I have to remind you that I'm not new to php/mysql softwares and are fully capable customizing php/html/css files.

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The db and css thingy is resolved now.

But there is still the matter of the file versions.

Any info/ideas/thoughts/reactions?