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London TikiFest Schedule

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I'm a very very new user (potential user) of Tiki. I've got an installation up and running on a local server and have spent the last month or so reading the documentation and trying to configure different things, all experimental at this stage. Tiki is a mammoth thing to get started in, having come from a more typical web services background using separate apps for different functions: forum, Blog, Wiki, Webpages etc.

I haven't made that much progress, but then again I haven't had that eureka moment yet, when things start to fall into place. It is difficult to find a first foot hold on the thing, even with Profiles.

Anyway, I work in London and the Tikifest is here this week, so I was thinking of popping by for a few hours. I'm working all week, but might be able to find a few hours on Wednesday. I was looking for some kind of schedule or activities list, especially if there was something for newcomers to Tiki, demo's or something really basic to get off the ground with.

I can't find anything detailed about the event, not sure if that is because it is not suitable for newbies, not relevant to newbies, or not that structured?

Can anyone advise, is it worth popping along for a few hours on Wednesday or will it be all coding and development stuff with power users, in which case I'm happy to stay clear???

Thanks, appreciate I'm a bit late (it's started) and very early (I've not yet got an implementation to first base) so this might be entirely inappropriate, but didn't want to miss the opportunity if it might be one useful and two appropriate.

Best Regards


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Sorry Rick, Should have said I've seen that. Also did a search on Tikifest London and Tikifests 2010 and had a good wander around all the places I could think of looking on the Tiki site. Must admit I didn't search via google or Facebook etc. but I will just in case there in more info in those places.

There is a schedule on the page you provided a link too,


but apart from a note about some travel plans it is blank, unless I have missed the blindingly obvious.

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Wayne, ))TikiFests(( are quite informal and very open to people coming by whenever they can. If you just drop by one of the places they are meeting, I'm sure that would be fine. Or you can email Jonny Bradley, if you want to confirm the time, location, or other details, etc.

-- Gary

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Thanks Gary,

Having a minor crisis at work this evening (typical timing). Hopefully sorted out by morning in which case I'll try and pop bye tomorrow for a few hours tomorrow, actually starting to make a little bit of progress with Tiki now.