How to change a title into a module menu

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Here is my problem.

I wish to change the "MyTiki" menu title to something else.

If you have access to admin back-end, there is no point for you to look on that side. Whatever title menu you wish to change can be done on the admin panel of you Tiki site.

Let's start with the problem and look at this print screen bellow.

Since I'm French speaking and I get around with my spanish, if you do run into a similar problem, I can assist you if you need help.

Parce-que ma langue maternelle est en français, mes captures d'écrans et les textes imbriqués sont en français. Si vous avez besoin d'un coup de main en français, je peux vous venir en aide. Hablo castellano un poco. Yo puedo ayudar usted en espanol si necessitas ayuda

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Can you help?

There probably is an option somewhere that allows a tiki adminstrator to modify the title of a menu that is global?


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You can do this two ways:

  1. Create your own menu (instead of using the full Tiki administration menu). You can name the option anything you want.
  2. Change the translation (either by using the interactive translation or a custom.php language file)


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Yes of course, I can create my own menu and put anything I want.

If I prefer option 2: How would I go about it.

If I change the translation, the word: MyTiki (my interface is in french) will change for MonTiki, etc. But it does'nt change the title in the module of that menu.

If I want to change just that word "MyTiki" to be: MySpace or MyUniverse or MyTools or whatever, is there a file where I can do that?

My admin panel is in French and I want the change to be global.


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Here is what Sylvie Greverend tells:

English menu option name can be change in


The translation can be changed/added in


or better in


as appearing on the documentation page.

or with the new translation tool

The title of the page can be changed in

Good luck


Here is what I did and it still doesn't work.

OK, so I modified my file: custom.php_example

with the string I wanted:

$lang_custom = array(
"MonTiki'=>'Mon espace'",
$lang = array_merge($lang, $lang_custom);

Then, I renamed the file from



I don't get "Mon espace" as a title.

Am I missing something?


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Well, I'm answering myself (or transcribing what others have said on the mail list.

Here is why my thing did not work:

I should have written this instead: "MyTiki"=>"Mon espace",

and don't forget to clear your tiki cache.

(advice given by Rick)


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These two print screen will help you to save time.

This one bellow shows the template: templates/tiki-my_tiki.tpl

This template named: templates/tiki-my_tiki.tpl is not what your looking for. Even if you change the highlighted title, it will not change the menu title

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