Arabic Fonts not displaying correctly

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Hi, i have searched and searched these forums with no luck so far, i wondered if anyone could help me. When i place something written in Arabic on my website, whenever i save the page, it displays as question marks. I am sure lots of peopel have had this problem....I am trying to display both English and Arabic on the same page...Now, i have checked the backend database and it is utf8 unicode ci.....

I dont know what else to do?

Your help on this would be great



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Which tiki version? In 5, you might encounter problem
Read this http://doc.tiki.org/Understanding+Encoding
Check with tiki-install.php that your database is really utf8. (character set client, results, connection, database, server must be utf8) Try to check if you database data are utf8 or iso to know which of these parameters is not well set
Good luck

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thank-you for that, is it true there are different typesof UTF8? for example, utf8_unicode and utf8_general?

many thanks!!

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