LDAP / Active directory

LDAP / Active directory

OpenLDAP bind with cn, login with uid

I'm struggling to set up LDAP authentication in Tiki7.
I need to first bind with:
then I can authenticate with:
Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but if I look at the logs it looks it's trying to bind with the user name that I'm trying to log in with.

How do I bind with a different userid and DN?
Will I have to hack ldap.php to do it?

OK, I hacked ldap.php and on line 204 I manually entered the auth DN:
$this->options'binddn' = 'cn=authusername,ou=Auth,o=university,c=ca';
and added this below:
$this->options'bindpw' = 'mypassword';
I'm still getting a blank screen when I try to log in and the user account is not getting created in Tiki.
Any advice, please?

it helps if I install php5-ldap

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