LDAP / Active directory

LDAP / Active directory

LDAP - Blank Page

Hi all, I searched (and read) more post on this forum but unfortunatelly I didn't found any solution for my problem.

When I try to login (in LDAP mod) the browser display a blank page... In my log I've these messages:

1) Connect Host: ldap://12x.x.x.xxx:389. Binddn:bla@xxx.xx at line 209 in /var/www/wiki/auth/ldap.php

It seems works but display only a Blank Page.

The strange is that I've already installed another version of tikiwiki (4.2) with the same params of configuration (dc, port, server...) and it work fine.

I try all the possibilities, comment the extension in php.ini, uncomment, re-install ldap and so more, but don't work.

Anyone can help me please?

If you need some additional information don't hesitate to ask me.
Thanks in advance.