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Re: Importing wiki-formatted text with HTML via script


Hi Alex,

If you know PHP check the method TikiLib::create_page() (file lib/tikilib.php). It does exactly what you need.

There is an example on how to use it in the code of the Mediawiki importer. See the function TikiImporter_Wiki::insertPage() (file lib/importer/tikiimporter_wiki.php


alexescalona wrote:

I'd like to take Office documents and import them into Tiki Wiki without any user intervention (other than dropping the file in the appropriate directory).

Here's what I've accomplished so far:

1. Got Unoconv working with Perl's HTML::WikiConverter
2. Took a word doc and converted it to HTML/wiki format

I know it's possible to create pages from the output of these steps manually by going to Edit a new page, and insert HTML content with the option to "Parse wiki syntax within the html code." enabled. However, I'm looking to automate the process. Any idea how I might do this?

Here's what I've gathered so far. Start with the "tiki-editpage.php" code, and somehow call "lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_html.php" to make the appropriate conversion, and then eventually create the page. However, I've no clue how to go about this, other than mimic the steps a user would follow to do this process manually (by clicking the "HTML" button in the toolbar, copying/pasting the HTML-wiki content, and saving).