Need help importing images into Tiki

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Dear community,

Our company is trying to set up a Wiki based website to distribute Documentation for her clients.

These documentations are mostly user manuals and contain lots of Print screens (images (.PNG))

Is there an easy way to import images into Tiki (from Microsoft word 2010)? We are using Tiki 7.1 (and in a few weeks 8.0).

If I am correct, you have to save each print screen, import it into Tiki and then direct it to the applicable manual..
or is there a more easy way to do this?

(Copy pasting out of Word into Tiki would be ideal!!!)

Thanks in advance!

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You can copy/paste text, tables, and other formatted text but I don't think you can just paste an image.
It has to be stored in a image or file gallery and then displayed on the page.
If having a link to the picture (they click on it, it open automatically) on the Wiki page is good enough, you can then use the FILES plugin to display the contents of a file gallery on a Wiki page. That means you'd only have to update the file gallery and the Wiki page would automatically show the changes.

So the steps would be:
1. Create file gallery
2. Use FILES Plugin to display file gallery on Wiki page.
3. Upload pictures to gallery

Then if you need to change some pictures or add new ones, you'd simply need to update the file gallery.

I know it's not what you were looking for but it's the best solution I've found so far.

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Okay, I figured as much..

thanks for the help nathanm

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My situation sounds similar - I maintain a website with an 800+ page document, containing hundreds of print-screen images. However, we do not maintain the source (original) documents on Word, the point of capture and authorship is in Tiki.

If your only purpose for using Tiki is distributing the files (you don't have off-site authors modifying the files on-line) then maintaining the files in Word and then duplicating the files for read-only purposes in Tiki is a LOT of work. Perhaps there is another way?

Assuming that you're using Tiki for read-only distribution, you might want to consider using PDFs, which the latest versions of Word allow you to create auto-magically using >File >Save as... Then place those PDF files within Tiki's Gallery feature - which can be access-protected for users and groups of users.

You can see examples of both methods here:
Look under >Documents for the "live" Tiki documents, and under >Files >Documentation Downloads for the PDF files.