Newbie issue: Karma + groups

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I want to set up groups linked to user karma to allow people who are active in a positive to automagically gain access to do more things, such as moderation and uploads to pics/files/wiki pages.

In Tiki 8, I can't find karma anywhere, was it remove and replaced with score, as the score vs karma page indicated might happen in the future?

If so, does the score system have an option for voting on forum posts I am missing?

And finally, whichever option is available, is it possible to link that with assigning groups?

Thanks in advance.

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hi tallian
Sorry that I can't answer myself (no idea to the answer of your question).

But you'll have more chances to get answers if you send the question to the right forum: this one is just about the documentation of Tiki.

Maybe "features" would be appropriate?

Cheers and welcome to Tiki.

And consider adding what you say as a feature request at the bug & wish tracker in

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Oops redface Layout of these forums seems kinda unintuitive to me. I'll repost there, thanks for the tip :-)

I've used tiki before, but on a intranet deployment that didn't want to automate things like this. Tiki is absolutely perfect for that, I might say mrgreen

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There is nothing automatic, but you could use Module users_rank and manually add them to groups when they reach a certain score.

M ;-)