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Features / Usability

Improving speed of Tiki sites

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Hi all,
we are trying to speed up our Tiki site. We followed some steps at doc.tiki.org/Performance and optimized with YSlow. Now the front-end is quite responsive.
However, editing contents and settings is still a pain. Page takes 10 seconds or more to load, and we spend a lot of time for site administration.
We miss the following feature:

  1. the ability to save a page while editing, and continue editing (sort of "apply" action in other cms)

  1. the ability to create a lightweight environment for administration and editing, without unneeded modules, banners, and other time-consuming objects (a sort of "back-end" in other cms)

Is that possible with Tiki?

The site is: http://www.biodanzabrescia.org
Thank you in advance for your help!


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Save a page while editing: There is an auto-save, which is mostly there to restore content in case your Internet connection goes down.

Lightweight environment for administration: You can use Perspectives to set that up and let the user switch between them. Any of the 1500 prefs or 100+ modules can be configured this way.

Best regards,

M ;-)

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Thanks Marc,
I will take a look to Perspective feature.

Regarding "Save a page while editing": it would be useful when you need to apply incremental adjustements on a page and check the result in another browser window (for example to see how the page will be rendered to non-authenticated users).
(Let's admit: the "Preview" feature is not so reliable... )

It would be nice, wouldn't it?