too much Whitespace and overlapping text.


I am duckman, a first time poster and new to tiki.

I have been using tiki 10 to create a website presented with a custom theme. The theme is a new option to five-alive-lite (a copy of the lemon option).

I had generally been able to achieve what I want, with guidance from the doco, but am still stuck with a few issues I just cant find solutions for.

I enclose this image of my problems:

I wish:

  • to make smaller the whitespace areas 1 through 4.
  • to remove the yellow line 5
  • for the sharethis module to behave (6)

Maybee some helpful person can tell me the css classes/attributes to edit or some pointers in where to look for them (the css assistant is giving me no joy either).

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


Czech Republic

Sorry but I get 404:
"The requested URL /busyducks.com/temp/whitespace.png was not found on this server."

Czech Republic

I see in the attached whitespace.png

I recommend you install Firebug add-on for Firefox or use similar tool to inspect elements in your browser.

Then you can reduce the whitespace by modifying these elements margin-top or padding-top properties. For the left column you can set (#col2) overflow: hidden and for top line to hide set it to display: none