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Architecture / Installation

Updating database from 2.2 #2

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After upgrading from Tiki 2.2 to Tiki 10.0, when I log in as admin I see the following message.

Database Version Problem

Your database requires an update to match the the Tiki version; use the installer.
Using Tiki with an incorrect database version will cause errors.

If you have shell (SSH) access, you can also use the following, on the command line, from the root of your Tiki installation: php installer/shell.php

There were some SQL errors during the installation, but I have got is down to only 3 errors, which look fairly harmless.

How do I get rid of this error message?

Thanks in advance

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After the database update, you can view a list of failed SQL statements. Next to each statement, there is a check box which you can select if you think that the error can be ignored.

If you check this option for all failed statements before continuing, then the error message I described no longer appears.

It would be nice if there was some indication of the significance of the check boxes, both during the installation and in the error message on the admin page.


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In the past (pre v3), the same SQL has to be exectuable over and over again, so it would give some harmless error messages.

Ever since we implemented Database Schema Upgrade, each sql is only ran once and Tiki tracks this.

In the future, you should no longer ever get any such messages.

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