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Plugins do not work on new wiki pages

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Hi all!

I've been using {FOOTNOTE ()} and {FOOTNOTEAREA () /} plugins as you can see HERE
I have also used regularly plugin {QUOTE ()} as you can see the same page.

However, to create a new page both plugins do not work, as you can see HERE.
As you can see, new pages are in the same structure as the previous pages.

Thanks in advance.
PS: Tiki version: 3.3

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I tested here http://demo.tiki.org/9x/ and it works.

3.x is no longer supported.

But it is strange that it works on one page but not the other... Try removing part of the text progressively. Maybe some other syntax is in conflict...

Best regards,

M ;-)

posts: 89 Argentina

1. The conflict was with maketoc plugin; after removing it everything works fine.

2. How can I assess the effort needed to update my wiki from Tiki 3.3 to latest versions ?


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