Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

File gallery white screen after upgrade 9.4 to 10.2

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Hello All;

I checked and this seems to be a specific problem so does anyone know where I should start to trouble shoot a white screen when trying to view tiki-list_file_gallery.php or tiki-admin.php?page=fgal. tiki-upload_file.php comes up just fine.

  1. DB is being used to store files.
  2. The images that were stored in the file galleries before the upgrade are still showing up.
  3. When I try to index the DB the browser locks.
  4. No search functionality
  5. PHP memory is set to 128M
  6. Running PHP 5.3.

Thx for your input

Robert Rasgorshek

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Thx Marc, I'll chk and report back.


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A clean install does not fix the problem = possible problem with tiki-list_file_gallery.php and my server constellation (see above). Still running the troubleshooting. Any input is welcome ( I'm new at Tiki ).

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After going through the "Troubleshooting" checklist I couldn't correct the problem. If anyone has another idea please let me know. For the time being I'm going back to 9.4.

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