LDAP / Active directory

LDAP / Active directory

Net_Ldap2 Unknown Error


I have really been trying to get Tiki 9.(1,2,3,4) and later Tiki 10.2 ( php 5.4 )work as here in site is instructed to use OpenLdap 2.4 as account and group backend.

and No success.

I keep getting : ErrorUnknown Net_LDAP2 Error
and after that : tiki/lib/auth/ldap.php errors in tiki logs with lines : 228 , 240 , 264.
These all are could not connect even binddn in log is displayed correctly.

I have systematicly gone all posible variations of user and group ldap configs in admin UI without no success.

Could some please instruct how you have managed to make things work or update docs or example confs.

i have other systems/apps (even in same web server other php apps ar working) using same openldap server so it is not about ldap server conf or php / webserver installatoin as currently Tiki is only app that i cannot get to work with openldap server.


Debugging this and now it seems that for some reason

Net_LDAP2::isError function

return allways error 1000 "unknown.."

if i comment out this error checking in tiki/lib/auth/ldap.php starting line 239

if (Net_LDAP2::isError($this->ldaplink)) {
$this->add_log('ldap', 'Error: ' . $this->ldaplink->getMessage() . ' at line ' . LINE . ' in ' . FILE);
// return Net_LDAP2 Error codes. No need to redefine this.

All works as should.