Tiki and PluginR

Tiki and PluginR

Making Shiny work within pluginr

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I'm very happy to having succeeded (after struggling with it) to install shiny-server... It runs nicely on our server :

But it doesn't work within the plugin ??
See: https://wikispiral.org/tiki-index.php?page=Tests+shiny

Listening on port 8100
Error in startServer("", port, httpuvCallbacks) :
  Failed to create server
Calls: runExample -> runApp -> startAppDir -> startApp -> startServer
Execution halted
posts: 68 France

Hi Xavi,
I had a look on yhe proof of concept here (thanks) :

And the doc here:

So for now there's nothing suitable for pluginR so far via shiny? I can guess that a pluginR-shiny would be great! Like, for instance, a graphic view of two panels : ui.R & server.R, that stores the files in a random directory on the webserver and starts shiny.server to create the data in an iframe or in the page whenever you load the page...

I was wondering if there was anything new since May? I will try to build in this case generic shiny apps in specific subfolders of our webserver, not using pluginr for now.

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Hi, I've tried to run shiny within pluginR and I get the same error as Joel.

It would be really useful to run shiny directly in Tiki specially when using parameter values recorded in trackers to combine executions from R and shiny apps.

Does anybody know how to run shiny in pluginR?

Thank you!


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