Tiki and PluginR

Tiki and PluginR


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Hi all,

I note that when using GoogleVis inside the PluginR, there is some unnecessary space between the title/text written in tiki and the plot from GoogleVis.

You can see this effect in the example from http://r-es.org/r_test6

In that case, the visual space is produced between the text "Produces:" and the plots.

I've tried to put the optional parameter "removen" to the PluginR call {wikiplugin _name=rr loadandsave=0 removen=1} in order to remove possible "\n"s, but then the plot disappears...

Is there any solution for that?



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Hi Moisés:

He he, they must have changed the syntax they use in package GoogleVis to produce that spacing, because when I added param removen in pluginR long ago, it did remove those unwanted spaces indeed.

Ok, it's not trivial to remove that blank space, for which is NOT a regexp-master like me. I did my besst, and I managed to remove a few of them (half or so), but not all, in PluginR version 0.84 (it will be avaliable in mods.t.o in a few days, I guess)

If you know a regular expression master, we can improve it, I guess!


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Thank you Xavi for improving PluginR!!!



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