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Many-to-many relations in v12 tracker

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Hi & a Happy New Year!

I hope this is the right forum for this question.

I'm relatively new to Tiki and I'm trying to use trackers for modeling n-to-m relationships between items. The way described in https://doc.tiki.org/Relations+Tracker+Field works fine in v9 and v11. In v12 however, when I add or change an item in tracker A and want to add a related item from tracker B to it, the form would show a text box instead of a select box (and not display any of the items from B-).
The same setup works in v9 or v11.
Has anything changed between v11 and 12 that I should be aware of?

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I suggest to try the latest 12.x from SVN or a daily build because it could have been fixed since 12.0

If it's not working, please report a bug on dev.tiki.org and indicate that it was working in 9.x and 11.x, as this helps to resolve.

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M ;-)

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Filed bug 5087. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is not just me being stupid :-).
Maybe I'll look at some code later.