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I have searched the documentation and could not find the answer to my questions. I would be happy to update the documentation to reflect the outcome of this forum topic.

Q1. Under the Visibility Tab, there is a input field called "Page Filter" It says you can filter specific pages, which I have been able to do, with wiki pages only. There is no syntax given for non-wiki pages, but the documentation clearly stats "pages", rather than the selective term "wiki pages" Does this feature work on all pages, or is it limited to wiki pages. Can someone provide a format for making it work on non wiki pages?

Q2. Under the Visibility Tab, there is an input field called "Section". You can select what sections the module shows in. I have looked up the documentation and found an example set (useful) of what the sections are. But there is no list of the comprehensive sections, or can I find it in the general documentation. (if it is listed there, it may be due in part to the fact that the term 'section' is used in the wiki documentation countless times to refer to something other than the 'sections' I am referring too.

Thanks. Looking forward to straightening this out, and helping to improve the documentation.


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Hi Brendan, and thanks for your help to improve the documentation, which lacks more hands, like yours nowadays.

I didn't know the answers to your questions from the top of my head, but I did invest some time looking inside the code, and these are my conclusions:

  • page refers to wiki page (only). Sorry.
  • sections: you are very right, this list was needed, and I could not find it elsewhere. So here it is, as written in ./lib/setup/sections.php:

Feel free to copy that list (or maybe better, link to that page) from everywhere where you would have expected to find that list.


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Great. I really appreciate it. When I sit down to code next, I will update the documentation. Interestingly enough I did find another sections list, it's used in the menu system?. The syntax is a little different and after trying to use these 'sections' concluded that they do not work. One thing I noticed is that in this other sections, there is an Ajax drop down with available options.

Love to see the same robust list and ease of use applied to the modules.

posts: 84436
And I just updated the online documentation. Thanks for your help.

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