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I would like to request a feature. That is that when the email button in the textarea toolbar is used, that it scrambles it like it does when the email address is shown in the user preferences. Or perhaps at the very least to have an option for it to do this, or a way to opt out perhaps.



posts: 84435

Thanks. I actually found it and then realized that I had posted in the wrong place. Still new to the tiki community. Thanks for following up with me though. Great be be involved.


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You are welcome, Brendan. We all have been beginners in the Tiki Community at some point, so I understand the sensation, in such a vast set of Community resources, sites, links, "sections" :-)... some people call it "the Tikiverse" sometimes.

Cheers, and welcome again. Even if you might not get enough or prompt feedback, many of us are doing our best to keep this nice project going and healthy-enough.

I wish we all had more time to guide newcomers to Tiki like in your case.


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