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how to save the changes after modification in Plugin TrackerList

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in Plugin TrackerList, there is option editableall, if set it as y, the tracker list can be edited, but after I tried, can't figure out how to save the changes after modification.

could anyone share the tricks? many thanks.

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hi jp_eagle:

Wait a few seconds, and the new values will be stored. The painted square box surrounding the changed values will dissapear. Try in http://demo.tiki.org for instance, and open a bug report if it doesn't work for you for some reason, creating a show.t.o instance to reproduce it.

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By the way, jp_eagle, and this is a forum for PluginR. Are you using PluginR in Tiki?
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xavi, thanks for prompt reply.
looks the issue is intermittent, I tried a few cases, it autosave the data for some but not all. if red rectangle disappear, it saved, some rectangle never disappear. still can't figure out pattern of this.
I clean up apc and system cache, results still same.
will try to get a solid pattern before I submit it to bug track.

by the way, I sent a msg to you in sourceforge to request a commit access, if it is ok, you may approve it.


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Hi jp_eagle

Regarding the private message about the commit access, I did reply to you already days ago. It doesn't work this way (private messages), but requesting that in the public irc channel, which is publicly logged, etc, where we handle the "introductory ceremony" (cha-chan...) :-)


I'll be glad to grant you these commit perm if I'm there when you visit, but just request that permission when you log in the irc channel, and sooner or later one admin will be there with you for the "ceremony" :-)

Cheers, and Welcome to the Tiki Community! smile

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