[Feature] ISO9001 - currentVersionApprover

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I'm trying to implement ISO9001 using Flagged Revision on Tiki v13.

I found that I can print the { {lastApprover} } as explained in Wiki Argument Variables, that's ok for the latest version, but if I see an older version it'll show the approver for the latest version, and not the approver of the version we're watching.

Same applies for { {lastApprovedVersion} } and { {lastApproval} }

It would be good to have something like { {currentVersionApprover} }, { {currentVersionApproved} } and { {currentVersionApproval} }

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Good point, cr0vax, I didn't think in that, when I coded it. Unluckily I don't have much time in the near future to find out how to improve it to solve this case. Would you so kind to fill in a feature request in the bug tracker at http://dev.tiki.org , and reproduce the issue in a show.t.o instance (it's explained there also)?

(this way, when I find the time to look at it, I can invest it in coding the extra bits needed, and not just aiming to reproduce the whole setup, which also takes a while, as far as I remember)






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Hi Xavi,

first of all, thank you for your response.

I've been digging about ISO9001, and found your improvements very nice, which lead to a very fast implementation of the ISO using just Tiki with Flagged Revision.

But there are some changes that would be good to do, and in my oppinion, need to be analised as one instead of just what I asked before.

Here is the list of changes that, in my oppinion, need to be made:

  1. Display information about approvement:
    1. being able to print { {currentVersionApprover} }, { {currentVersionApproved} } and { {currentVersionApproval} }
  2. Define a list of people to aprove the version:
    1. it would be nice to set a list of people that need to aprove the version
    2. the approvement, would only be possible if everyone approved
    3. the approvement should be made simple, like doing a like in facebook, perhaps with some notes(optional) next to it​
    4. when you see each version, you should be able to see who approved
    5. comments don't fit this perpouse, because comments are per page, instead of page version
  3. when a version is approved, it only says Approved, it is necessary to know who approved
    1. ​this may not be implemented if the point 2 is

to prevent a major database change, I think it would need a new table to deal with versions instead of just only page.

Should I create a new feature request for this all? what you think?

Thank you


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You are welcome, we might need to use tiki for our ISO9001 at some point within the next 12 months, so your input is very welcome...

I would say, please add a feature request in the bug tracker at dev.t.o. And see also:




and the show.t.o instance that you create will be very helpfull to coordinate efforts and be precise in the improvements needed later one, etc. Moreover, it will help to create a Profile out of it, so it's easier to setup in future versions, reproduce behavior so that the feature keeps being bug-free in future tiki versions, etc.

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sorry for my silence, but I'm on christmas vacations, will be more active on this project after 2014-12-29.

Best whishes for the upcoming year :-)


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Thanks Bruno. Same for you.

I managed to get some time these vacation days to get the new argument variables added.

See r53373 and r53372

  • http://dev.tiki.org/Staging+and+Approval#ISO9001

They will be available in Tiki since version 14.0.

You can also backport this change into your own Tiki, to get them added.


P.S: The other points you indicate are too difficult for my skills and time available ("2. Define a list of people to aprove the version)". Regarding "3.", you can add the corresponding wiki argument variables to the page content, so that when you view the page through the links in the wiki page history, you will see who approved it, when, etc. (if the page version was approved)

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hi there,

I've been testing your solution using TikiWiki v14b and found a bug, it only shows correct information when previewing the version of the page, if you see the page itself, argument variables won't show:


Example not working of viewing the page:

Http Localhost T14b Tiki Index.php  

Example working previewing the page:

FireShot Capture   CMSC I Atendimento    


best regards


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Can you please add a bug report aqbout it, and create a show.t.o instance associated with it, so that you can reproduce it there?


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I was unable to record the video using jcapture, because of proxy authentication.

Recorded the bug using Wink, and uploaded as attachement

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sure :-)

will report back with links when done