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Hello Tiki gurus!
I hope you can help me, I am trying to edit the main menu module at the top left of our site at The Patriot Woodwiki
I have another site I want to link in the menu, I would like the link title or menu title to be "Forums", this link would direct the user to The Patriot Woodworker
Any help is greatly appreciated! I have scoured the control panel and settings for editing our main menu, I have scoured our forums here, and have come up dry. Thanks folks!




It's not obvious (or apparently well documented ;-) ) but I believe you need to clone the main (application) menu, and then edit and assign the clone instead of the default menu. There's a "clone" link on the "actions" dropdown of the default application menu.

-- Gary

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Thanks Gary, I was playing with clone feature briefly, but did not think outside of the box like that! I will give it a try, it sounds like that will work. I thought it slightly odd that I could not edit the main menu directly but hey, every awesome software has it's mystery's.

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Worked like a charm Gary. Thanks again, I now have my "Forums" link in my main menu, a very easy process.  The Patriot Woodwiki

I would reccommend this as a top tip for new Tiki sites and owners, since the main menu is what we love to customize right of the get go upon installation. Thanks again Gary.


Hi Gary,

I had a similar question about menus involving the Application menu items -
I need to add a link to the Calendar in a custom menu and nothing seems to work.


  • choosing the 'feature_calendar' in 'Sections' (when adding a new menu item), but it does not doe anything.
  • searching in the URL for 'Calendar' but no options appear
  • adding the same (feature_calendar' to the 'URL' part, both with and without the double parenthesis so: CalendarDocOld, did not do anything (though if I remember correctly, it added the link but than the page 'was not found')
  • found in the Application Menu it is also called tiki-calendar.php, so tried putting that in the URL, did not work
  • read over all the Docs pages, no guidance on how to add an Application Menu item
  • also tried the 'Show Quick URL's (upper right side of pop-up when 'Adding a new menu item', many links to useful Tiki Features like Home, Wiki, Articles, and File Galleries, but no quick link to the Calendar

Typically, I have always just added the full URL in the URL section but this is not the correct way to do this.

What did I miss?



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