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All Elements (clickable) in a structure module menu

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Hey everyone,

i try to make a custom navigation with the tiki wiki structures.

I am a bit disappointed of the bootstrap design of the structures. I am not able to click elements which serve as a parent, and if i have a structure like this
- child
- - child of child
- - - - child of child of child

than my navigations shows just
- child of child of child

even if the other pages have content.

The template for the css navigation does not have these issues! There every element is shown and i am able to click the parent elements. But here is the problem, that i really don't like the font awesome warning icons, i don't know why warning icons should belong in a navigation or menu.

So what i need is a mix between bootstrap and css menu. Is there a simple solution? Maybe is it just a problem with my configuration?

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Hello Griessbrei,

using the structures as magic menu is a good idea. As far aI understand, you already did set the menu up, but you are missing a change of parameter:

Indeed the bootstrap type is not appropriate for a multilevel struture menu.

If you use the "module_menu" with the structurId instead of the menu Id, it should be recommended to set bootstrap=n and instead css=y .

The structure menus are one reason, why we did keep the superish css menu in Tiki when we implemented bootstrap.

They are likely not as mobile friendly as the bootstrap ones, but best choice when multilevel is needed.

You can use the same parameters aswell, when you would create a custom module. With a custom module you could create a structure based magic men, that automatically shows the menu for the current structure, meaning that you would not need a modulfor each structure, but only one module for all structures.


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Thank you for the answer!

I already heard in the tiki irc channel, that bootstrap is just single level. 

The problem i have with the superish css is, that i don't want the "drop-down", hover thingy.  I want a normal menu, with collapses to the bottom. Like the folder-tree view in windows.

When i set bootstrap and css to n, than i have exakt that! But, i don't want the font awesome "warning" icon. I mean, why should someone want a warning in the navigation? It is not obvious, that you can click on it, so the menu will open, it's more like "uh... does the page exisist? is it under maintenance?"


What i need is the last option, but with something like the Caret Down Icon from Font Awesome. Is there a simple soluction to change what icons the menu uses?

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the "warning" icon is displayed when there is a missing/incorrect icon definition

can you give some information on your Tiki version (is it 14 or 15) and you iconset setting? (tiki-admin.php?page=look) and maybe post a screenshot here?



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thanks for the screenshots

I think this was fixed after Tiki14 was released (commit 55734 maybe), so it should be included in Tiki14.1

Do you  use SVN? you can get the latest updates from the Tiki14 branch if you dont want to wait for the release

I tried to reproduce on a Tiki14 install, but I did not get the warning icon (see attached screenshot)

If you want to try to fix it manually, check the name of the icon (probably "menuitem", see attached screenshot) and make sure there is an icon definition for it in /themes/base_files/iconsets/default.php 

hope it helps

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I checked the git repository out and installed it new.

Now i see the lovely "caret" icons, so i think i destroied something on my old tiki wki.

Thanks for the help, it's a really nice support you get here.

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