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Problem accessing forum pages -- extra text "&topics_offset=x" added to forum page links

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I'm new to Tikiwiki so please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong area or if I'm doing something wrong.

But every time I click any forum post to read the message, the link doesn't work. Here's the problem: There is an extra bit of text getting appended, something like "&topics_offset=1" or "&topics_offset=8", different numbers on different forum post links.

This results in the post not being able to be viewed, until I manually change the URL to remove this extra text.

Can this be fixed? Others who are new to the community might not know to remove the extra text so they might not be able to access forum posts.


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For example:

when I click the post just below this post, Fehler bei Installation Tiki 12.4 the link that appears in my browser is: https://tiki.org/forumthread57425&topics_offset=1

when I go to this link, the page displays this error message: ErrorPage not foundforumthread57425&topics_offset=1

So, in order to see the page, I must manually remove the extra characters “&topics_offset=1” at the end of the URL.
I’m new to the community so if anyone can help to point me in the right direction or provide a fix for this that would be terrific.


By the way, I'm on a macbook laptop running OS X  Yosemite 10.10.1 and Chrome browser version 46.0.2490.80.

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Hi greenlocks,

good thing: you bring this up.

maybe bad: I think there are one or two more forum threads about the sae issue (not 100% sure).

measures to be done:

1. open a bugreport
2. start a show instance
3. create 1 forum, 3 or 4 dummy posts
4. go back here and link the bugreport with show-instance
5. some dev should feedback


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Thanks for the response. Ok I will work on it.


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Michael, just curious, did you open a bug report on this yet? If not I can follow it up. I am having the same issues.
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Thanks, I didn't post the bug report so by all means feel free.
By the way, I researched the bug report list but I didn't see similar posts.


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