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Newsletter Draft cannot be revised

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Tiki 12.4 LTS

Changes made to a draft newsletter are not saved. After attempting to save a revision the newsletter reverts to the first draft.

Work around is to copy the newsletter content somewhere, delete the newsletter and start a new newsletter.
OK for me, but not something I want to pass over to the non-technical newsletter writer.

Cannot see if this is a known fault.

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Can you turn on Tiki error reporting and also check your server log for errors?

I was unable to duplicate your issue on the Tiki demo server: https://demo.tiki.org/12x

I was able to:

  1. Create a new newsletter
  2. Select Newsletter > Send Newsletter.
  3. Type text and select Save as draft.
  4. Then in the list of drafts, I selected the draft I just saved (click Send).
  5. Type more text and select Sve as draft.

The new text was saved, as expected.



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