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How to hide the settings button in webmail?

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Hi all:
I'm trying to hide the Settings button in tiki-webmail.php for some groups of users (all users except admins).
I could not find hot to set the permission for this button anywhere, but surely I'm not the first one needing it, so probably it's coded already. How to do it?

Reason is some groups of users are not computer savvy, so letting them play with settings is causing problems to IT team.

Many thanks,

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A couple of ways....

  • You could edit the TPL directly and hide the button for non-admins.
  • You could use CSS to hide the button (e.g., display:non). Again, you can add this CSS for admin users only.

Essentially you would be making a customized theme. You might find my primer useful.


- Rick | My Tiki Blog | My Tiki UserPage

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Hi Rick:

I'm pretty new and somehow I expected TW to be more configurable via settings than changing code. Will take a look at your options and choose the easiest one (probably the TPL one).