Looking Under The Hood

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Is there any documentation regarding how the Tiki code works?
I'm interested in trying to help develop a bit. Mainly just small additions or tweaks.
But wow, where do you start looking?
I'm not a beginner, but by no means an expert at web sites, coding, php, databases, etc.

Do you think it would help attract more programmers, if some of this was documented?

Some things I'm trying to figure out. I've started down this path and wow, it is an uphill climb! eek

  • What all is involved in displaying a pages?
    • What main php file is called when opening for display: a wiki page, a forum page, a blog page, article page...
      • Then what are the main php files for editing the same.
    • How does the Smarty templating interact with these scripts?
  • Where are things stored in the database?

TIA for pointing me in the right direction.
Looking forward to contributing at some point...