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Architecture / Installation

Tiki, or WikiSuite?

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Can someone explain what the major difference between WikiSuite, and Tiki?
They both on the cover appear to be the same. I know they are not, but when would someone choose WikiSuite over Tiki?

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WikiSuite includes Tiki, and thus offers all Tiki's features.

WikiSuite also provides you access with features Tiki doesn't have. Ex. Tiki can't sync your files. For this, WikiSuite uses Syncthing. Please see list of components (click on each to read up on what they do): http://wikisuite.org/Software-Components

Tiki can run anywhere PHP can run (just about anywhere, including shared hosting).
WikiSuite requires your own server. This is inexpensive nowadays, compared to a decade ago.

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M ;-)

Marc Laporte
WikiSuite founder

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Thanks Marc.
I take it then WikiSuite would be more suitable for business than a standard fun informational wiki?

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Depends on what they need.

If Tiki does everything a business needs. Great. But when they are missing stuff, WikiSuite is the 1st place to look