LDAP / Active directory

LDAP / Active directory

Recent Update and Broken LDAP

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Hey everyone,

I just pulled new source code for my tiki and noticed that I could no longer log into my site! It ended with a server 500 error and a blank screen. I am using LDAP for authentication. After reverting to a previous commit I began investigation and noticed that update 60747 is where the website first started breaking.

For reference: https://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/60747/tree/

This commit updated Pear in the vendor section of the tiki, and this broke my LDAP. Turns out that the LDAP code was calling on the PEAR() and PEAR_Error() functions that no longer existed from the Pear update. To fix this I just renamed the following functions.

function __construct($error_class = null) -> function PEAR($error_class = null)

function __construct($message = 'unknown error', $code = null, -> function PEAR_Error($message = 'unknown error', $code = null,

This seemed to solve my LDAP issues and I was able to log into my website again. If anyone else is having LDAP issues with recent updates, this may solve your problem. If anyone has a better workaround let me know.



Also had the same problem: server errror 500, did take a very long time to find out it was a LDAP issue!
When can we expect a a new stable release where this is solved?

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