LDAP / Active directory

LDAP / Active directory

Missing LDAP Configuration Options

United States

I recently installed latest version v16.2. This is my first time configuring LDAP auth and something seems wrong in the config page. LDAP Bind doesn't include a Host option (which I can see and set in the LDAP external groups tab and in the reference page - ) (see attachment).

After attempting an LDAP login the log error seems to confirm this -

| 174 | ldap | 1489538745 | system | system | Anonymous | 149.43.x.x | Connect Host: ldaps://localhost:636. Binddn: wheelerda at node.domain at line 225 in /srv/httpd/tiki-16.2/lib/auth/ldap.php | 0 | Mozilla/5.0

localhost is the default LDAP host

What am I missing?

...dan wheeler

United States

OK, I'm a step further. There were no entries in the tiki_preferences database table for auth_ldap_host, auth_ldap_port (and others), so it looks like part of the basic LDAP settings have disappeared in v16. True?

Could this be related to the php ldap module which caused so many other problems in the past?

I have added values to the table (e.g., auth_ldap_host) and see that these are reflected in the settings by checking the logs but still get no ldap login (dead screen after login attempt).

Does anyone have a sample configuration for a standard connection to an AD ldap server where users are in cn=users.(mydomain)?

...dan wheeler
colgate university

Czech Republic

Hi Dan,
thanks for reporting! Sadly I have zero experience with LDAP but just noticed I cannot see any attachment you mentioned. Did you forgot to attach it or is it another bug?
BTW: in case you did not know, chances are it can be catched by some other developers and fixed if you report the bug here: https://dev.tiki.org/report+a+bug


PS: perhaps this thread might help you? ⇒ https://tiki.org/forumthread42893

United States

I installed Tiki 16.3 from the SVN repository yesterday and when I click the LDAP tap, it's empty. tiki-check.php shows that the PHP LDAP module is loaded/good as shown in the attached screenshot.

I'm looking at this link and it doesn't mention enabling any additional modules:

What am I missing?



just to mention that I have exactly the same problem. I am still under version 16.2 going to install a daily build in the meantime. Any news on how to fix the problem, if I manage to do it, I'll post here also :-)

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